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Eun Kim (2013-2014)

Full Name: Eun Maxwell Kim

Other Nicknames: n/a

DOB: 11/23/1983

Gender: female (she/her)

Height: 4'10"

Weight: 116#

Origin: ???, North Korea

Race: Asian (Korean)

Details: Eun was adopted by Addison Maxwell (b. 1940) as a small child in 1984 right before the YouChannell Group Home opened up, and she ended up fitting right in with her older siblings, brother Gregory (b. 1967) and sister Tiffany (b. 1974). Even though she grew in a bit chaotic household like YouChannell, she ended up graduating high school, getting a bachelor's degree, marrying a young man named Peter Kim (b. 1984), becoming a preschool teacher, and having a little girl named Megan (b. 2009). Eun is expecting a baby girl in May of 2014.

Eun likes her family, her husband, her kids, her job, and friendship. She doesn't like irresponsibility, rudeness, or deadbeats abandoning their children.

Eun is a nice and caring woman who is always looking on the bright side and always excited for something new to happen every day. She's very passionate about children and family, and thus will always put them over herself, even if it means hurting herself in the end.

Please read my book: https://www.wattpad.com/810928615-youchannell-2013-2014-chapter-nineteen-a-surprise/page/4

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vincebirds 2019

lost all motivation and havent drawn for a month, but hey, here's some bird

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could someone suggest facebook names for me to use bc i ended up making one against my will but i cant get rid of it anytime soon

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damn im seeing a lot of people going through some heavy mental struggles right now and honestly thats a big mood?

but also its important to keep in mind youll make it through this. as bleak as it seems, and as much as your brain is working against you, you will survive

and you will recover

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Star Rice, 2019

As promised, one digital skitters. And now ya'll know that the inside of his mouth is white.

Bonus on a dark background:

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To people who are desperately asking for fundz/donations on wf/tumblr...

kidd -

use these reddit subs instead!!

Hate Reddit if you want, but using these subs are your best chance. People gather in these subs because they have charity to spare:



I never see anyone actually getting any significant donations on tumblr/wf and to be honest, tumblr/wf is the worst place to ask for assistance. people beg for help, reblog the same post over and over, the same types of posts over and over, to no avail, when people are waiting to help you on a different part of the web.

go to where the help is

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Here's the sketch of the snapdragons I did and tried to upload on that last post that broke.

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huh asked:

Don't forget to draw that special flower!

witchesflower -

!!! Thank you for reminding me!! I totally forgot i was gonna draw that

witchesflower -

I tried adding a photo here, but it broke waterfall

An Anonymous user asked:

hello! its the huh anon from earlier. I kinda just wanted to say huh but i also I was wondering

how long can you say and hold the word "Huh" for


Hmmmmm I never thought about that before, lemme check...


Okay I checked, with a groggy morning voice about 20 seconds.


I'm pretty proud of myself!

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A quick sketch dump from the past few weeks; my husband and I have been reading The Man Who Was Thursday before bed. There's nothing like drawing while being read to to calm the heart <3 

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wish i looked like luigi :^(

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guess who's sick

sick again

babka's sick

tell a friend

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An Anonymous user asked:


huh -

@jente is this you?

huh -

OKAY, SO APPARANTLY THAT WASN'T @jente, so in that case, what do you need me to explain anon?

1 note

An Anonymous user asked:


@jente is this you?

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Y'all how is gender real

babushka -

its not 

huh -



Y'all how is gender real

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heros-shade -

Since Thanksgiving is around the corner I would like to call for non-native people in America to think critically about Thanksgiving and to consider exactly what you are celebrating. The colonization of America was not as harmonious as the thanksgiving fable of pilgrims and indians suggests. Throughout American history native tribes have been purposefully eradicated to make way for white colonists. We were viewed as heathens that were less than human, inferior to whites, and our deaths were a victory to be celebrated. Thanksgiving is yet another way our genocide is erased, to see it celebrated widely and proudly is a yearly reminder of how little regard and knowledge people have of our history. So this Thursday I encourage you to learn more about the atrocities Native Americans have faced and continue to face at the hands of colonialism. And if you can, consider donating one of the following charities or elsewise supporting native communities-

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And here is what I called Yavanna's ring when it was just an idea. It's made of an autumn leaf. 

Hey Yavanna, i took your creation, killed it and made it into a ring! Enjoy! 

I also wanted to make a Varda-inspired ring, but i want it to have very dark foundation with very bright stars above it and I am having some difficulties with that for now. 

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two rings i'm proudest of shot under a ring light! 

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babushka.waterfall.social, 2019

SCI stands for Sound-Color Inspection or maybe SCIsolator. Inspection is watching for violations of Codex aka drawings, music, anything colorful in general and so on. This is a thing for an imaginary AU-crossover-ish with Shawshank redemption i did instead of NaNoWriMoing about my characters' main storyline. You're welcome

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Caption contest, go.

huh -

When you're really angry at a person in your class and you're going OFF, and I mean OFF, and your silent best friend is sitting next to you contemplating if they should tell me that I understood the sentence wrong


I'm prepared to Fake a mental breakdown, tests and all, for some chocolatmilk from the teachersroom

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buteveryfIve minutes Theres A DIsASter!

and its spawned in by j sChLAT

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so here is the inner squad design for Sailor Moon Space, a season i made up which tells the story of sailor quasar

made with DollDivine's Sailor Senshi Maker 3

i am just assuming they lost whatever gave Usagi her Eternal form and the others didn't get Eternal forms yet, but with some help from Quasar later they got upgraded to... this! Which is called a Space form! Super original i know!

the gradient is based on sailor quasar design, but now i just realise i have to re-design her too, and sailor moon is not done yet, so expect more

babushka -

f o r m a t i o n c o m p l e t e

I want Usagi have a Queen Serenity crown since it's a surprise tool that will help her later

everything else is just. her space princess form

and wow, Sailor Quasar turned out to be Sailor Deadpool, well i'll see what i can do about that