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A mood- But not as in generally me as person but like, oh oh protect the youngings what are they doing on the internet 0-0nn nThey're all so sweet tho 😭

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a fourteen year old? on MY internet? more likely than you think


I did it again, I wrote another tiny story prompt;

Eyes shimmered as lights placed underneath waterfountains in a city-owned park.

There's no wind to flow through my hair, but the cold thouch of late oktober still sets me off to freeze.

I can't hear myself think, but I hear the water scream.

I turn towards it, and the water slows down.

But the embers of a light once burning through the surface, still scar my heart.

The violent image of water being manipulated, gracefully turns in to a lady in white.

Surrounding her, are the leaves of life, following her as a shadow.

My heart aches again, it tells me that I should be with the lady in white.

But I know better now.


Another one of these little werd things that I write, I think I'm going to do these a lot more.

'Have you ever read someone's eyes?'

You've probably heard of this, you've probably heard of swirls upon swirls of emotion in one's eye.

But you've never seen it.

All those fanfictions seem to mention at least one variaty of gazing withing one's soul.

You thought they were over-exagerating.

You've never had that urge to read someone's emotion like that.

Until you met them.

Not in a romantic sense, God no.

But nothing looks more pure than a group of kids protecting one of their own.

Now you understand all those fanfictions.


It is currently 00:18 and I was stuck with this motivational speech in my mind the entire day, unfortunately, I don't have a story to write it in, so here goes.

'I went through hell and came out singing, why? Because I didn't have a damn choice. I sang as fierce as the scarlet vein of coals in a dying fire. Knowing their end is near, but realising that that is no reason to stop shining. Knowing your end is near does not mean your light shines any less. You'll be the picture in someone's mind of an everlasting memory, wether you like it or not. So sing.'

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I'm not sure if this will be helpful to anyone- but I happen to know a few tricks that can help when you're writing gay fan fiction and experiencing this dilemma~

A lot of the conventions of 'proper' grammar are overlooked these days- and that's fine! However it does mean things can get confusing and people don't always know how to solve issues like this.

When writing, if the subject changes at any point you always use their name/pseudonym for the first time they become the active/possesive character.

For instance:

Joey looked longingly at Kristof, but there was nothing left to say. He gathered his discarded clothing in one hand and his half eaten pastrie in the other.

"I'm sorry it had to be like this Wheeler." Said his lover.

Now in this example, we can assume the clothing, pastrie and lover all belong to Joey, because he has been the active character the entire time. However what if it was Kristof's pastrie?

Joey looked longingly at Kristof, but there was nothing left to say. He gathered his discarded clothing in one hand and Krisof's half eaten pastrie in the other.

"I'm sorry it had to be like this Wheeler." Said Joey's lover.

We use Kristof's name because we are switching who is the possesive character. Then in the next sentance to avoid confusion we use Joey's name again to switch back.

Another good tip:

"Whenever a new character begins speaking, start a new paragraph." Moaned Joey.

"What, you mean like this?" Kristoff smirked. "You like it when I start a new line to establish who is talking?"

"MMMN!" Cried Joey, unable to hide the way Kristoff's grasp of grammatical conventions was affecting him. He had no idea the blonde man had recieved such detailed literary instruction. Joey couldn't help himself. "And if I were to speak here, you'd know it was still me speaking."

"That's right you city-boy slut." Kristoff didn't even need to specify that it was him speaking because he'd already started a new paragraph, but he did so anyway just to prove his point.

I know a lot of people don't see the value in grammar and it isn't always useful - but when writing long form scripts like in fan fiction, it can really help to establish the sequence of events taking place.

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I have never before been so intrigued/emotionally invested in characters from a grammar explanation

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remember the greek mythology birds with metal feathers? Yeah they were cool

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those guys

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behold a cake.............

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remember the greek mythology birds with metal feathers? Yeah they were cool


Okay, so I have this struggle with food, chips in particular. I feel guilty after eating it, so I figured out a way that I feel less guilty here's what you need;

  • Carrots

  • Salt

  • Paprika powder

  • Thinpeeler

  • (Oil/ butter)

  • (Baking pan)

So bam! I think it's absolutly delicious, the reason the last two are between (these badboys) are because you can also just eat it raw, but you can also just to fry or bake them.

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Mazenta from Chimera Heart, for the soul....

(character belongs to @birdysdoodles39)

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Today's ArtFight attacks

Characters belong to: Poodlepoofs, Markimaiiow, tinnypants (all on Twitter)!


Today was a good Day™!


If you put a tent in your house is it still considerd camping?

I think yes.

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Zeddeckia [Me!] | Welcome To Town

My Music!

Hey all, I'm kinda new to this whole site but uhhhh I make music! And I also do music commissions! 15USD a track. Without a job atm this is kinda my only avenue to get work so, spread the word if you can? Thank you!


A lil late but Happy Tuesdirt!

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we should all dab when we sneeze

huh -

You mean to tell me there are people who don't dab when they sneeze???!!!???!!!

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hey yall i need some help if you can give it please

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details below the cut but tl;dr universal credit fucked up and now me and bf arent getting a payment for this month and theres bills to pay and we need to eat and im really scared so

here's my ko-fi if you wanna donate i would really appreciate it honestly im so lost please reblog if you can

and if you cant donate but you wanna help i would really love to get a wholesome ask or some poetry recs or smthn idk

  • so im living with bf which is great

  • except

  • we tried adding me onto his benefits claim last night which went through fine

  • so this morning we went in person to talk to them and then we found out

  • that bc i dont have my id check done he isnt gonna get his january payment which he was supposed to get on the 11th

  • and they also decided that he needs more verification? that he didnt need before but apparently now its enough to withhold payment

  • and uh we dont have a lot of food and im not gonna be able to get my id check done in the next couple of weeks

  • and we're literally at the point of trying to get a loan but we're an 18yo and a 19yo with little credit history and no stability so

  • ive been having a breakdown like every fucking hour bc i dont know what to do i dont know

  • im so sorry to do this i hate doing this but we're fucked

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putting this here as well as the blue site

I hate saying this but if anyone has some extra money they can spare and want to help me out, my hubby and I are basically broke after rent and we’re not even sure we’ll have our apartment soon because we aren’t sure the full payment will go through! and this has been a scare pretty much every month for the past few months while we’ve been just trying to juggle paying bills and necessities.

My ko-fi is https://ko-fi.com/catfluid and my paypal email is maringa713@yahoo.com

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Self Portrait as Elsa

Happy holidays to all of my followers, I love you all so much. I’m hopeful that my mom and I will be able to find a safer place to live in the coming year or two, and that is partially thanks to you.

Help me save for a safe place to live! Subscribe to me! | Buy me a coffee | I have merch! Please buy my books!

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*gazes mournfully out a window* when will my ability to draw backgrounds return from war

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cringing very hard on my singing that i uploaded, but in the end i didn't rehearse it at all and was just literally randomly standing in the park. i can do better you know

anyway you want me to sing something else or nah

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Jack Amaryllis Stagi disabled & nearly homeless hello yet again internet! first i'd like to say victoria is my dead name, working on changing it, please call

pls help part two electric boogaloo

my bro peach is again in a bad sitch after being denied disability as well as things that have been piling up! if u got spare dollars pls help, if you dont pls share