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Click here to support disabled & nearly homeless organized by Jack Amaryllis Stagi

Jack Amaryllis Stagi disabled & nearly homeless hello yet again internet! first i'd like to say victoria is my dead name, working on changing it, please call

pls help part two electric boogaloo

my bro peach is again in a bad sitch after being denied disability as well as things that have been piling up! if u got spare dollars pls help, if you dont pls share

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Since Thanksgiving is around the corner I would like to call for non-native people in America to think critically about Thanksgiving and to consider exactly what you are celebrating. The colonization of America was not as harmonious as the thanksgiving fable of pilgrims and indians suggests. Throughout American history native tribes have been purposefully eradicated to make way for white colonists. We were viewed as heathens that were less than human, inferior to whites, and our deaths were a victory to be celebrated. Thanksgiving is yet another way our genocide is erased, to see it celebrated widely and proudly is a yearly reminder of how little regard and knowledge people have of our history. So this Thursday I encourage you to learn more about the atrocities Native Americans have faced and continue to face at the hands of colonialism. And if you can, consider donating one of the following charities or elsewise supporting native communities-