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I did it again, I wrote another tiny story prompt;

Eyes shimmered as lights placed underneath waterfountains in a city-owned park.

There's no wind to flow through my hair, but the cold thouch of late oktober still sets me off to freeze.

I can't hear myself think, but I hear the water scream.

I turn towards it, and the water slows down.

But the embers of a light once burning through the surface, still scar my heart.

The violent image of water being manipulated, gracefully turns in to a lady in white.

Surrounding her, are the leaves of life, following her as a shadow.

My heart aches again, it tells me that I should be with the lady in white.

But I know better now.

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Another one of these little werd things that I write, I think I'm going to do these a lot more.

'Have you ever read someone's eyes?'

You've probably heard of this, you've probably heard of swirls upon swirls of emotion in one's eye.

But you've never seen it.

All those fanfictions seem to mention at least one variaty of gazing withing one's soul.

You thought they were over-exagerating.

You've never had that urge to read someone's emotion like that.

Until you met them.

Not in a romantic sense, God no.

But nothing looks more pure than a group of kids protecting one of their own.

Now you understand all those fanfictions.

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It is currently 00:18 and I was stuck with this motivational speech in my mind the entire day, unfortunately, I don't have a story to write it in, so here goes.

'I went through hell and came out singing, why? Because I didn't have a damn choice. I sang as fierce as the scarlet vein of coals in a dying fire. Knowing their end is near, but realising that that is no reason to stop shining. Knowing your end is near does not mean your light shines any less. You'll be the picture in someone's mind of an everlasting memory, wether you like it or not. So sing.'